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5 min read

The Stages of Delinquent Rent (And How to Successfully Collect)

By The Grind Team on Nov 29, 2022 10:00:00 AM

The past few years have taught homeowners that renters may miss payments for various reasons, many of which are out of their control.

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5 min read

What’s the Best Rent Collection Method for Property Owners?

By Mike Bang on Aug 16, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Rent collection should be a smooth and painless process for landlords and tenants alike — but as more payment methods become available to owners and tenants, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this article, we’ll share why online rent collection is the best way to increase the chance of on-time payments.

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4 min read

Don’t Turn Into a Post-Pandemic Slumlord

By The Grind Team on Oct 26, 2021 10:00:00 AM

There’s a reason why the slumlord is a common archetype in real estate. The guy who cares little for his tenants, and cares more for easy profit. He owns a string of houses that see little upkeep. Good luck trying to ask him for maintenance because he’s never around. He charges more than the property is worth, and bends whatever rules are in place to protect his tenants.

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